Location: Megalochori, Santorini
Aspronisi Luxury Villa welcomes you to the unique island of Santorini! The villa is a newly built residence that combines modern and Cycladic architecture while facing the unique Caldera and the volcanic island Aspronisi (White Island). Aspronisi Island consists of a small part of land that used to be a part of Santorini island before the eruption in 1660 BC. The name of the villa is inspired by Aspronisi Island.

The Aspronisi Luxury Villa features an elegant, fresh and contemporary decoration with modern facilities that ensure full autonomy and independence while guests have the privilege to experience the free use of the facilities of the Artemis Suites Hotel, located right across the Villa.The facilities of the villa offer the guests the unique opportunity to feel the Greek hospitality and to experience the everyday life of the locals.

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