Focusing on revenue maximization, Hotelising is an independent service provider for hotel owners, which holds strong ties with Lamway Management Group. Creative thinking and, most importantly, more than 10 years of experience, shape up a customized program especially created by Hotelising to fit your hotel’s profile. A program that will bring your unit close to the people that really matter, such as travel buyers, agents and tour operators, conference planners, and also companies and organizations.
Think of Hotelising as the act of using years of experience in understanding the complex structure of the hotel business, the art of always being prepared to easily adapt to the unique challenges brought into every day situations.
We become the necessary extension of your marketing and sales department, offering you a privileged spot amongst the key players of the industry.
You never need worry about getting on a winning streak. Ever wondered that maybe, what is missing from an exquisite hotel, to turn it into a successful one, is a simple –ising?

Finally, it’s all about Hotelising.
Emphasizing on success. 
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CONTACT:      Hotelising | 71-73, PANORMOU STR. AMPELOKIPOI | 11524 - ATHENS \ T.: 210 3237621 | F.: 210 3237021 | EMAIL: